In Progress…..

Our current project ‘in progress’ is our master bedroom.

Rooms aren’t renovated overnight in this house. Each room is a long process as there is always so much to do in each room and we do it all ourselves. Life carries on regardless of renovations, so some weekends we make little progress and other times we get a good few days to work on a room and can make good process.

We started this room in October 2019. We are making one larger bedroom out of two rooms, creating a dressing area and an ensuite.

This room was painted yellow and blue by the previous owners and had always been a very awkwardly shaped room with no obvious place for a double bed.

Notice the surface run heating pipes running around the room, all pipes in this house were very annoyingly run above the floors – more work!
What a colour combo!
The torn wallpaper on the facing wall was where there was a small vanity unit with sink, all bedrooms had sinks – ‘en-sinks’ as we called them.

As per the rest of the house, there was no plaster on the walls, the walls were lined with fibreboard which was covered in thick patterned and painted wallpaper. So it all got ripped off, the fun demolition bit….

More details to come…..